“Beyond being an exceptional human being, Megan is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is brimming with creative potential and wit when you need her to be a collaborator. She can also take very specific direction and give you exactly what you're looking for when necessary, no more, no less. Having her on set is a joy for everyone, and I'm always more at ease knowing that whatever it is I need done, Megan can execute with aplomb.”


Luke Frydenger — Director, Fact & Fiction

"You know you have found just the right coach, when simply scheduling a meeting makes you smile. I invited Megan to a multi-day workshop I piloted for teachers. The content and the platform were new but I'm not. I've been training others for many years and am quite comfortable online and in-person. After it was over, Megan and I sat down and went over her notes in detail. Her thoughts are organized and insightful. She balances constructive and confirming feedback perfectly. Our conversations are a dynamic mix of story sharing, inspiration, ideation and spot-on feedback. Most of us tend to contract a bit when we receive constructive feedback, but with Megan I always expanded. Her delivery style is thoughtful and genuine. You can tell that she loves this work and is gifted at it. Her questions, ideas and suggestions changed the way I facilitate for the better. We all have communication areas we want to improve and Megan can help you do just that."

Cheryl Pack — Founder, Impackful.com

“Megan Heffernan has a natural delivery style that feels genuine and sincere. She brings a thoughtfulness to each job/performance that is valued by both us (her agents) and the clients that we work with. Megan is consistently requested by casting directors and clients. She is dependable, professional and a highly skilled performer. Megan is by far one of the most talented actors I've had the pleasure of representing and truly a joy to work with.”

Emily Rushing — Talent Agent, Big Fish Talent

“Megan is a true professional and always a joy to have on set. She is prepared and early for call times. Her experience both in front of the camera as well as behind gives her a perspective unmatched by most performers. I look forward to working with Megan often in the future.”

Denise G Strong — Assistant Director DGA

“Megan is a great listener and creative mind; constantly providing thoughtful ideas, suggestions and feedback. She helped me narrow in on my goals and steps to achieve them.”

Juliana Broste, "Traveling Jules"

“I've worked with Megan on several commercials, and she always brings her "A" game to the set. She is professional, personable, photogenic, and dedicated to her craft.”

Meryem Ersoz — Production Supervisor

“After 27 years serving as a pastor, I finally decided it was time for me to have an executive coach. Megan was divine in her approach to assuage my fears. She took time to understand my context with probing, open-ended questions and accurately named my unique challenge for executive implementation. Megan displayed an incredible capacity to translate corporate jargon to bold, meaningful and spiritual adaptability. She is the singular force that has transformed my approach to C-level leadership.”

Ken Brown — Senior Pastor, Trinity United Methodist Church

“[Megan] is very approachable, thoughtful and articulate. [She] is good at framing questions in a different way and has great intuition. [She] help[s] give ideas for a different approach.”

Patti Godfrey

“[Megan] is a very accomplished actress and spokesperson. I have both directed Megan and filmed her in the capacity as Director of Photography. She is equally adept at comedy and drama. She follows direction really well and she has features the camera loves. She always leaves a lasting impression. I find whenever I see her in casting sessions she always rises to the top of any group. In addition to her great talent she is always punctual and prepared. She is fun to have on set as she is always upbeat and extremely professional.”

Kevin Emmons — DGA*IATSE 600*SOC

“I have worked with Talent, Megan Heffernan, for over a decade ~ on many different types of projects. Megan's professionalism not only shows on screen with being prepared for her role; but also is a pleasure on the other side of the camera. All the behind the scenes communication is reviewed carefully; executed with promptness & style by Megan. I hope to continue our working relationship for many years to come!”


Maria L. Sandhei — Production Coordinator

“Megan Heffernan is an extremely talented, funny, and sensitive actress. Professional from the first day of auditions and throughout the process.

My favorite part about working with Megan is her 'yes and...' attitude towards whatever she does. She is loving and supportive of everyone she works with, choosing to build people up around her. She is a true asset in any rehearsal room.”

Len Matheo — Executive Artistic Director, Miners Alley Playhouse

“[Megan is] an amazing collaborator, took directing extremely well and [her] on set etiquette or "setiquette" was superb. Bravo!”

Jordan Brady — Director/Filmmaker

“Megan is my go-to talent for everything and anything. She relates to both audiences and clients; which, in highly technical terms, is called "having the secret sauce." She's supremely professional both in front and behind the camera, working easily with producers, writers and directors.

Megan can walk onto any set and deliver.”

Lisa Frisky — Executive Producer, Colorado & Company

“I reached out to Megan to help me prep for a speech that I was asked to give as part of a job interview process. Together, in 1:1 setting, Megan coached me on how to convey my message persuasively, authentically and confidently, by focusing on my non-verbal communication and vocal range. When delivering my speech, I felt as if I was channeling the warmth and enthusiasm that Megan displays when I’ve seen her in front of crowds - and I received praise from my interview panel. I highly recommend her services to anyone.”

Sherri Shapiro, Change/Program Management, Consultant

“I really enjoyed working with Megan and thought she provided a lot of useful and practical speech tools that assisted me in my profession as an attorney.


Katharine O’Gracy, Associate, Jackson Lewis Law

Current Work

Supporting private clients within the US Olympic & Paralympic Committee in their speech communication and virtual/on-camera effectiveness. Accepting additional clients for speech coaching or program/event consultation.





Facilitating small group Enneagram discussions, monthly. For more info, email:


3rd Wednesdays @ 7pm, on Zoom


For on-camera talent work, please call:

Big Fish Talent:  303-744-7170

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