Getting the word out

through coaching, producing, and performing

Welcome to Megaphone Coaching! With over 25 years of professional experience in virtually every communication medium including public television, premium cable, news radio

and the performing arts, Megan Heffernan helps cultivate creativity for a multitude of projects and people.

Specializing in speech coaching, video producing, and acting, Megan integrates principles from each of these areas to help professionals, entrepreneurs, and creative individuals 

get the word out. 



Communication by Oksana Latysheva from the Noun Project


play by Numero Uno from the Noun Project


movie film by David from the Noun Projec



"You know you have found just the right coach, when simply scheduling a meeting makes you smile. I invited Megan to a multi-day workshop I piloted for teachers. The content and the platform were new but I'm not. I've been training others for many years and am quite comfortable online and in-person. After it was over, Megan and I sat down and went over her notes in detail. Her thoughts are organized and insightful. She balances constructive and confirming feedback perfectly. Our conversations are a dynamic mix of story sharing, inspiration, ideation and spot-on feedback. Most of us tend to contract a bit when we receive constructive feedback, but with Megan I always expanded. Her delivery style is thoughtful and genuine. You can tell that she loves this work and is gifted at it. Her questions, ideas and suggestions changed the way I facilitate for the better. We all have communication areas we want to improve and Megan can help you do just that."

Cheryl Pack — Founder, Impackful.com